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Mother Knows Best – Psychological Thriller

Mother Knows Best - Psychological Thriller Mother Knows Best is an extraordinary psychological thriller! Completely captivated by the story, I was frantically flipping the pages from start to finish.   Talented fertility doctor, Robert Nash, and his attractive and younger, over-achieving scientist/assistant, Jillian, have developed a unique technique to help prospective parents avoid passing down certain…
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Romance Love Story Another You – Jane Cable

Romance Love Story Women’s Fiction - Another You Romance love story-women’s fiction Another You is a haunting love story made up of many “moving parts.” The story is one of historical-fiction, romance, family-drama, and is mostly focused on Marie, the protagonist. Marie lives in a small building that also houses the seaside pub she runs…
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Without Her Women’s Fiction Novel

Without Her Women's Fiction Without Her Women's Fiction: This is the story of Claudia and Hannah who became friends in a British boarding school back in the 1960’s. Hannah is a bit capricious and daring. Claudia, on the other hand, is a more serious and introspective young girl.   Claudia eventually follows her dream to become a…
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All the Lovely Pieces – Book Review

All the Lovely Pieces Book Review - J.M. Winchester All the Lovely Pieces is the intensely gripping story of Drew Baker. Desperate and terrified, Drew snatches her baby and flees from her abusive husband. Drew was beaten by Adam. That fateful night was not the first time.   Adam is a serial abuser and his form…
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