Contemporary Fiction Novel – If Only I Could Tell You

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Contemporary Fiction Novel - If Only I Could Tell You


Contemporary fiction novel - If Only I Could Tell you is a moving  story of a family's heartbreaking struggle with lies, love and loss.


If Only I Could Tell You is a realistic family drama. The storyline is about Audrey and her two daughters, Jess and Lily. A serious family incident occurred when Jess and Lily were just school girls. That significant incident is apparently so dreadful no one in the family wants to discuss it.


If Only I Could Tell You mercilessly tugs at the hearts of its readers. Once you settle into this book, you will not be able to put it down without wanting to get right back to it again. As a mother nearing the end of her life, Audrey desperately yearns for her daughters to come together. Sadly, she is a mother running out of time to help her daughters learn to love each other.



Contemporary Fiction Novel - If Only I Could Tell You


Over the years, this fractured family has only continued in its downward spiral of discontent and disfunction. The broad rift between Jess and Lily is ever-widening. The insidious estrangement of the two sisters has trudged along for nearly thirty years. The bitterness that Jess has cultivated against Lily over the years feels as though it may be insurmountable. In fact, Jess and Lily’s daughters, born within just weeks of each other, have never even met.


It is only natural for us to mourn for this fractured family of women. I longed for Jess and Lily to dig deep to finally find a way to open up to each other. Author, Hannah Beckerman, breaks our hearts with this soul-gripping family epic. Nevertheless, we read on with hope for revelations of truth. And we long for forgiveness and acceptance to come about. I found myself hoping for joy to spring forth, when a lie is ultimately extinguished by a fountain of truth.


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