Cross Her Heart Thriller Novel-Bree Taggert Book 1

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Cross Her Heart Thriller Novel-Bree Taggert Book 1

Cross Her Heart Thriller Novel - Author Melinda Leigh is back with an exciting new thriller series. Bree Taggert is a Philadelphia woman homicide detective.

Bree Taggert is a woman homicide detective in Philadelphia. Leigh’s expertise has created a realistic and believable lead female character. The Bree Taggert book series is destined to become a women’s book club favorite.

In Cross Her Heart Melinda Leigh has brought Bree Taggert to life, but not just as a female homicide detective. As a child, Bree heroically rescued her little sister and her baby brother during her parents’ murder-suicide.

As the story fast-forwards twenty-five years, we now find Bree Taggert as a Philly homicide detective. Bree’s sister, Erin, had married and moved away. Erin is now a mother of three. The sisters would talk on the phone once in a while, but since Erin married and moved away it’s just wasn’t the same.

In a shocking turn of events, Erin is murdered in her own home. Erin’s husband, Justin, is nowhere to be found. Bree is gripped with pain and anguish upon being notified of Erin’s murder. And just as when Bree was a child who rushed to save her sister and her baby brother, she now hurriedly leaves Philly and rushes to her be with her niece and nephew. In this strange twist of fate, Bree finds herself in the middle of Erin’s murder investigation which is eerily similar to the murder twenty-five years ago. Bree and Matt Flynn, a former sheriff’s investigator, work together, in the cold and wintery Pennsylvania weather, to uncover details of Erin’s life and death.

Author, Melinda Leigh, has carefully constructed a dramatic, smart, and intriguing murder mystery story in Bree Taggert Book 1 - Cross Her Heart thriller novel. I can’t wait to read Bree Taggert Book 2: See Her Die with a publication date of September 15, 2020.

Book 3 Drown Her Sorrows, is set to be published March 16, 2021 and Book 4: Right Behind Her has a publication date of September 14, 2021.

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