Leap Year 2020 You Can Do Anything!

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Leap Year 2020 You Can Do Anything!

Leap Year 2020 is a statement that will never be true after this year. We'll have another leap year in four years. But, leap year 2020 is gone forever. And we can never get it back again!

What if we thought about every day of our lives as if they were leap years we would never live to enjoy again?  Yes, I know it's not that deep. But I am writing this on February 29, 2020. So, today seems like a good a day as any, if not the best day, to talk about time.

None of us can truly know what will happen tomorrow or even in the next moment. 

What if we just lived every moment as if it were truly meaningful in some important, exceptional and momentous way? How can we do that? You can do anything!

What if we do four things? What will we learn? Is life is like a crossword puzzle? Maybe, maybe not.  What we can do is to live life in a way in which we can develop ourselves to become a SEER.

  • Savor every moment
  • Enjoy every minute
  • Embrace every hour
  • Relish every day

SEER: a person endowed with profound moral and spiritual insight or knowledge; a wise person or sage who possesses intuitive powers.

Now, that's pretty awesome!

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