I Will Make You Pay Thriller Addictive Mystery

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I Will Make You Pay Thriller Addictive Mystery


I Will Make You Pay thriller is an addictive mystery novel. A scary stalker only strikes on Wednesday. The newsroom phone rang Wednesday, Alice answered it.


I Will Make You Pay thriller is an addictive and suspenseful mystery page-turner novel, with a scary stalker-villain who only strikes on Wednesday. The phone rang Wednesday. Alice picked it up, answering the phone at the local newspaper where she works as a journalist.


The caller at the other end of the newspaper phone line, was not your ordinary/garden variety caller. This caller spoke through a voice changer. The creepy caller then threatened Alice. With the disturbing electronic voice, the caller tells Alice, “I’m going to use cheese wire on you.”  





The unknown caller proceeds to carry out another stalking event on Alice on a Wednesday. As soon as the newspaper brass learn that it has become evident the strange caller is indeed a stalker, they become concerned about Alice’s safety, and about the newspaper’s insurance liability. Alice is then informed that she should to stay home from work and that she must use her vacation days. Talk about insult to injury!


I Will Make You Pay became a fast page turner for me, right from the first creepy phone call. There’s plenty of mystery and suspense going on in the story to keep the reader guessing who is doing what to whom, and why? Alice has a boyfriend, there’s a guy she works with at the newspaper who may have a thing for her, and there is also a married ex-detective counseling Alice and working to protect her.


The author, Teresa Driscoll, adroitly presents the story of I Will Make You Pay from the varied viewpoints of different characters. The individual character viewpoints is helpful in assisting the reader to try to solve the mystery of who is stalking Alice, and why. And there are a couple of twists and turns here and there and plenty of suspense.  Is everyone who they appear to be?  I even began wondering if Alice was who she appeared to be.


I enjoyed reading I Will Make You Pay! It may sound strange to say I had fun reading the I Will Make You Pay thriller.  But that’s because this story contains some serious subject matter: a dangerous nameless stalker, a wealthy man who had been imprisoned for messing around with underage girls, and a boy who was abused, by a diabolical child molester, in his apartment building at night while his grandmother was at work.


Irregardless of the subject matter, I Will Make You Pay is an engaging psychological thriller. This suspenseful mystery will keep you guessing. You may think you know what’s going on, but will you guess correctly? All I can say is, it sure was fun trying.



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