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Book Club Reporter-About the Editor

Laura Jay - Book Club Reporter Editor
Laura Jay - Book Club Reporter Editor

Authors! Request a Book Review

If you need a book review, Laura Jay may be able to help. Laura Jays Book Review Policy: 
  • Laura Jay only posts book reviews for books she feels rate 3 to 5 stars.
  • If Laura Jay cannot rate a book 3 to 5 stars, she will not post a review and will not provide a review to anyone.
  • Laura Jay only wants to share about books she really enjoyed reading.
  • Laura Jay does not want to spread negativity, therefore, she will not post negative book reviews.

This is Updated Information as of July 25, 2021: If you are a writer, author, or a publicist, here are Laura Jay’s terms for providing book reviews:

Laura Jay requests donations via the  “PayPal Donate Button” for $25 donations in regards to book reviews she provides.

You can help support Laura Jay by donating $25 when you request a book review.

Your donation will be used to defray operating costs in regards to: time and effort to create book reviews and operating costs of website and podcast book review episodes.

If Laura did not feel she could rate your book from 3 to 5 stars, she will not post a book review.

Since Laura did spend time reading and evaluating your book, your donation is non-refundable…Please read on…

However, if Laura has determined she will not review your book, she may, as a demonstration of goodwill, post your book information, description and a link for her readers to purchase your book. *Laura reserves the right not to post information regarding books about which she is not comfortable posting Information on her book review websites. So be sure to read the “Before Requesting A Book Review of your book…” provided below as it provides helpful information regarding the types of books Laura reads and the types of book Laura “does not” read.

Laura has been writing books reviews for several years now and her book reviews are respected by both authors and readers.

If Laura did enjoy your book she will be happy to post a book review on this BookClubReporter website, and she will submit a book review to other popular book review sites such as: Amazon, Goodreads, and NetGalley, if possible.

And Laura may also post her book review of your book on this website:

And Laura may also decide to post a review of your book on her alternate book review website:

Laura may also post about your book on Twitter and Instagram.

If you would like Laura to participate in a Book Blog Tour, and if Laura agrees to participate in your Book Blog Tour, it will be covered by the aforementioned PayPal Donation fee of $25.


BOOK GENRES LAURA ENJOYS READING: mystery, thriller, suspense, women’s fiction, romance, cozy mysteries, and other related genres may apply.

BOOK GENRES LAURA DOES NOT READ: Laura does not read or review most Sci-fi, True Crime, Horror, Fantasy,  and other related genre.

You are welcome to contact Laura about your book, before making a donation. However, once a donation has been made is Not Refundable.

Thank you in advance for donating to help defray Laura’s operating costs/expenses in providing online book reviews/podcast book reviews, and other related services and information to authors and readers.

Now that you have read the details and requirements to Request a Book Review, you can make your request by clicking the following link to the request form.

Book Club Reporter Book Review Request

-Laura Jay

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