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Book Reviews Podcast – Book Club Reporter

Book Reviews Podcast - Book Club Reporter

Book Reviews Podcast is hosted by Book Club Reporter, Laura Jay. Read book reviews here or click the Podcast link to listen to book review podcast episodes.

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Podcast Host - Laura Jay
Do you listen to podcasts? Have you ever considered creating your own podcast? Me too! But, I didn’t know where to begin. Now I want to tell my podcast listeners just how easy & fast I got started podcasting.
I began by doing some internet research on how to start my own podcast. During my research, I came across Buzzsprout. Believe me when I say, Buzzsprout has an amazingly easy interface!
I quickly found everything I needed to upload my audio recordings. Within a very short period of time, I found my podcast listed in major podcast directories. Now, I’m having fun creating my own podcasts.
Here’s more great news! Buzzsprout has an easy way for podcasters to monetize their podcasts. I’m doing it, and you can do it too! Thinking about starting a Podcast? Here’s your chance to get started for free.
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Some podcasting notes from me to you:

I have GarageBand on my Mac. I watched a BuzzSprout video on how to use GarageBand to create podcast episodes. I followed the steps in the video and guess what? I created my first podcast!
Okay, if you know nothing about computers and software, this might be a bit of a challenge for you. But, I’m not kidding, if you use computers, software, and headphones, which almost all of us do these days, then you can do this!
And after I created my first podcast, within a really short period of time, I found my podcast episodes where listed in major podcast directories. How did I get listed in so many directories so fast? Buzzsprout! It has all the directories listed on the Buzzsprout web site. You just click on the directory links, then and enter your information.
So just click on my Book Club Reporter Podcast episode links and there you will also find a Buzzsprout link. That link will get you started on Buzzsprout for free! That way you can give it a try and see if it works for you before you decide if you want the paid plan. I created my first few podcasts on the free plan. I found the paid plan to to be very reasonable and I jumped on it right away.
I am using a Logitech H350 and the one I linked to I believe is an H340. But really, just get a reasonably priced set of headphones. Mine have a usb connection and I just plug them into my Mac. Then when I get ready to record in GarageBand, I just indicate that I am using the headphones, and I’m good to begin recording. I know others who are recording their podcasts in Audacity, but I got started with GarageBand and I’m going to stick with it for now.
So if this sounds like something you want to pursue, just click this link to one of my book review podcast episodes and click the BuzzSprout link in my podcast episode Show Notes.