Mihai Brinas Poetry Collections

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Mihai Brinas Poetry Collections

Mihai Brinas Poetry Collections - I was moved by the thought-provoking poems of Mihai Brinas. I read and reviewed An Invitation to Poetry. I enjoyed reading Mihai's poems in his Alignment of Thoughts poetry collection as well.

Mihai Brinas writes from his heart and assembles his words in a unique and beautiful fashion. It took me several readings to find meaning in the poems in this collection. However, I discovered the more I read his poems, the more meaningful they became to me. And that is lovely.


Mihai Brinas Poetry Collections

I believe there is still a place for poetry in this complicated world. While I am not an avid reader of poetry, I found a pleasant respite in the poems by Mihai Brinas. I am not always certain of the poet's meaning, yet I can enjoy each poem for the meaning it has for me.

Invitation to Poetry collection is brimming with the insightful and heartfelt work of a true poet. I am particularly fond of this poem written by Mihai Brinas


in my left hand
a drop of rain has dripped there a crystal flower
has grown
in my right hand
a drop of blood has dropped there a red poppy
has grown
in my sight
a down sneaked
from traveling birds
and in the soul
there has sprouted in me the thought of flight

Interested in learning more about Mihai Brinas and his poetry? Visit Mihai on his Mihai Brinas Blog Spot:

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