About the Author – Laura Jay

About the Author – Laura Jay

About the Author - Laura Jay Author of BookClubReporter.com

The author of BookClubReporter.com is Laura Jay. Laura lives in the great state of Texas, but originally hails from New York City. She enjoyed living by the seaside during her early years. When Laura was about five years old, she somehow managed to contract the measles, mumps and whooping cough, all in just about a years time. During that year, she lost so much weight she was not permitted to be enrolled in school.
Laura’s had two younger siblings, one being born with a heart-breaking disability. Stretched to the limit, Laura’s mom rose to the challenges she faced with three young children. While caring for the two younger children, Laura’s mom taught her to read and write so that she would not be behind in learning when she was finally permitted to return to school.
Laura Jay Book Club Reporter
Laura Jay Book Club Reporter

Laura never forgot her reading and writing lessons with her mom. When Laura returned to school she was not only on par with the other children, but she had also developed a love for reading that would never leave her.

Later, when Laura was herself a mom, she cherished reading time with her children. She read to her children on a daily basis. And Laura also wrote children’s stories (unpublished) for her children. The stories were designed to encourage her children to develop a love for reading, just as Laura had when she was a small girl. Now that her children are grown-ups, Laura and her children still share their love of reading.

Still driven by her love for reading, Laura is reaching out to readers via BookClubReporter.com, where she reviews the books she loves to read.

Overtime, Laura’s love for reading has never waned. She has been a book club member and also a book club leader and enjoys talking about books with friends.

Laura is mostly interested in women’s fiction, but she has also developed a keen appreciation to murder-mystery-thriller books as well. For up-to-minute information about Laura Jay and the books she is currently reading, hop on over to Laura’s Twitter page here: jay_reporter
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In addition to posting book review on BookClubReporter.com, Laura branched out with her own book review podcast show. You are invited to listen in to all the episodes of Laura’s podcast show anytime at: Book Club Reporter Book Reviews Podcast