Book Blog Tours-Book Club Reporter

Book Blog Tours-Book Club Reporter

Book Blog Tours

Book Blog Tours – Book Club Reporter, Laura Jay is open to blog tours. Are you an author with a book release date coming up soon, contact Laura Jay on Twitter: @jay_reporter.

Be Prepared to Make Your Blog Tour Successful

  • Visit and research book blog websites
  • Determine if the book blog site is relevant to your book genre and content
  • Contact book bloggers according to their preferred contact method
  • Check in with the book bloggers at appropriate times to follow up, and to provide or request any additional information regarding your book and the book tour
Blog Tours can help make your book launch more successful!

Book tours will be posted on with information relevant to the book content such as:

  • Author of book
  • Publication date of book
  • Dates Book Tour is in effect
  • Book review by Laura Jay, Book Club Reporter
  • Images of book cover
  • Author bio information, if submitted to Laura Jay
  • Other images/information related to your book and the tour, such as exclusive excerpts or personal essays by the author and/or the book publisher
  • Book tours information may also be included in a Book Club Reporter podcast episode
Click Here to view a Book Club Reporter Book Tour page for The Year I Left written by author: Christine Brae.
Has Book Club Reporter, Laura Jay agreed to read your book and join your book tour?
  • Be sure to follow up with up with Laura Jay in a timely manner to be sure the Book Club Reporter book review of your book, and your book tour, are in sync and on track time wise.
It is also possible your book may be chosen for a Book Club Reporter Book Review Podcast episode.
You can listen to Laura Jay’s Book Club Reporter Podcast episodes and on most podcast listening apps.
And you can find all of Book Club Reporter Podcast episodes on BuzzSprout.