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The Summer Escape – Book Discussion

The Summer Escape – Book Discussion The Summer Escape is a great summer read with a mystery hidden inside. Ria, an obituary writer, is dreaming of a better, more rewarding and exciting life. Ria makes a sudden decision to board plane to Crete. Once in the old town of Chania, she begins working for, Caroline,…
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Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel

Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel In this Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel, the story begins when Hope arrives at defining moment in life. Every Breath is a romance of passion and regret. Hope Anderson, lives in North Carolina. Hope has arrived an important junction in life. and she believes it's time to make serious decisions.…
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Lauren Blakely Romance Lucky Suit – Book Discussion

Lauren Blakely Romance Lucky Suit - Book Discussion In this chick-lit short story, Lucky Suit a Lauren Blakely romance, a twenty-something Kristen Leonard, doesn't have a significant man in her life right now. Kristen tells her grandmother that she has decided internet dating is the best option for meeting a mate. If you are looking for a…
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