Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel

Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel
every breath nicholas sparks novel
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Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel

Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel

In this Every Breath Nicholas Sparks Novel, the story begins when Hope arrives at defining moment in life. Every Breath is a romance of passion and regret.

Hope Anderson, lives in North Carolina. Hope has arrived an important junction in life. and she believes it’s time to make serious decisions. After six years of dating, her doctor boyfriend, Josh, has not proposed marriage. And then they broke up. Now Hope has just learned that her beloved father has ALS.

Hope takes some time away at her parent’s cottage in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. She will use this time to consider her future. She wants a to get married and have children. Tru Walls, a safari guide in Zimbabwe, has just also arrived in Sunset Beach for a meeting with a man who may be his father. Tru is a divorced father of a young boy. Tru and Hope meet on Sunset Beach and develop strong feelings for each other.

How will Hope deal with this new relationship? What will she decide to do about her foundering relationship with Josh? Every Breath is a Nicholas Sparks novel, so what we know for sure is that it’s a the story of true love, but not without the pangs of regret and heartbreak.

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