Silent Heroes – Love – Values Worth Fighting For

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Silent Heroes - "When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting For”

Silent Heroes—When love and values are worth fighting for. Silent Heroes is a new take on the Afghan war. An educated woman prepares for ultimate sacrifice in order to teach reading to the girls in her community. She leaves behind a daughter and a son whose lives become intertwined with those of the US Marines serving at FOB Day nearby.

Silent Heroes Love Values Worth Fighting For

Silent Heroes Love Values Worth Fighting For

But the Taliban is infiltrated everywhere and is hard to differentiate between friend and foe. One thing is certain; the Marines can rely on their Military Working Dogs, respectfully  referred to as "Silent Heroes."  A race against time follows in one last battle of eradicating the Taliban before it is too late. 






Kindly consider:
• Language: Some very mild vocabulary (profanity).
• Various descriptive battle scenes with graphic violence. A few people die throughout the book.
• One dog dies.

Author Bio (condensed):

“Silent Heroes” is Patricia Furstenberg's thirteenth self-published book and her first work of adult fiction. Her previous writings are children’s books and poetry, most of them featuring a dog or an animal. Patricia has a medical degree, but chose to pursue her long-life passion for writing. She resides in South Africa with her family and coffee is her guilty pleasure.

Book details:

Publication date: 10 July 2019
368 pages (paperback)

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