The Summer Escape – Book Discussion

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The Summer Escape – Book Discussion

The Summer Escape is a great summer read with a mystery hidden inside. Ria, an obituary writer, is dreaming of a better, more rewarding and exciting life. Ria makes a sudden decision to board plane to Crete. Once in the old town of Chania, she begins working for, Caroline, a disorganized writer. Soon Ria meets Tom, a handsome vineyard owner. Ria soon finds herself involved in solving a local mystery.

This book really is a summer escape. The reader can escape to Greek island of Crete in this  women's fiction story of mystery and romance. This is also a story of personal strength and determination. Do Tom and Ria fall in love? Are they torn apart by the mystery? Does Ria ever reach her true potential?  Discover the answers. Grab a sun chair and relax into The Summer Escape.

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