The Summer Escape by Lily Graham

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The Summer Escape by Lily Graham

The Summer Escape by Lily Graham is a great summer read with a mystery tucked inside. It's the story of Ria, an obituary writer, dreaming of a better life. Ria has recently lost the love of her life. Although being an obituary writer is not exactly Ria’s dream job, she does possess a gift for writing. She presses on alone and makes the best of her situation by using her natural writing talent to compose thoughtful memorials. Thus far, Ria has managed to co-exist with an overbearing supervisor who is the epitome of a bad boss. But this day, she reaches the end of her patience after yet another insulting rant from her boss. Ria, stands up, grabs her purse and, she is out of there!

With only her purse, Ria impulsively heads to Heathrow airport. She hurriedly checks the contents of her purse and surprisingly discovers she has her passport. Ria spontaneously buys a  ticket and boards a plane to Crete. Now in flight, Ria finds herself reeling, and maybe a bit anxious,  as she recognizes her impetuous behavior is entirely uncharacteristic. She proceeds to calm her nerves with maybe one or two, too may inflight libations.

Ria arrives in Crete, and feel like Greek island tourists as the author takes us on a scenic walk through Chania. As, Ria passes by the local cafes, touristy retail shops and Greek restaurants, we experience the sights and smells of Chania. But Ria is not in Chania for a vacation. She needs a job! Ria soon catches what turns out to be a lucky break. She lands a job working for Caroline, an author who desperately needs some help organizing all her notes for a book she has been trying to write.

While working for Caroline, Ria meets Tom. He owns a local vineyard and Ria finds him quite handsome. They spend time in the olive groves and ocean-front taverns of Chania. As they spend more and more time together, Ria gets the feeling there is something very wrong in Tom’s past. And it is something Tom does not want to discuss. Ria sets out to investigate this mystery. She spends time in the library researching the history of Tom’s family and the vineyard.

The Summer Escape by Lily Graham is just that, a summer escape. The reader escapes to Crete right along with Ria. The story is one of mystery and romance. But, maybe more importantly it’s a story of personal strength and determination as Ria sets out to transform herself and the quality of her life. Do Tom and Ria fall in love? Or are they torn apart by the mystery? Does Ria succeed in realizing her true potential?  You can discover all the answers. Just grab a sun chair and read The Summer Escape.

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