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Blog Tour – Lying With Lions – Enticing Edwardian historical-fiction LGBT novel. The calculated social and political subterfuge is hypnotic. Readers are quickly pulled under the spell of this story gushing with familia issues and political matters.  Nefarious plots and schemes are afoot.

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Annabel brings readers an intriguing story from a fleeting time in history. How amazing and delightful that Annabel has written an amazing historical fiction novel while expertly capturing a moment in history.

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Lying With Lions The Blog Tour


The story of Lying With Lions written by author, Annabel Fielding, takes place during the significant, albeit short-lived, Edwardian Era,  During this time the House of Lords challenged the supremacy of the House of Commons and women rose to challenge male supremacy forming the Suffragette movement. This is the  intriguing story of the devious and shrewd Lady Helen, who relies on the younger woman, Agnes Ashford, to act as an archivist the of titled family. While Agnes manages to rise in her position, she is also finds her self in a problematic and precarious position.


Lying With Lions is an intriguing historical fiction novel. Annabel Fielding not only brings readers an accurate portrayal of titled families during the Edwardian Era, but she has also woven an LGBT relationship into the story of filled with trepidation of what is to come next in the changing society.


Rich Edwardian Era Women
Rich Women of the Edwardian Era


Edwardian Era – A Fleeting Yet Intriguing Moment in History

Crises at the End of the Edwardian Era:

King Edward VII died in 1910 when Britain faced its greatest constitutional crisis since the 1830’s when the House of Lords and the Liberal government locked horns in an epic battle for supremacy. The King was called upon to intervene but he was deeply uncomfortable with Churchill’s and Lloyd George’s attacks on the Lords and equally uncomfortable with the far right Conservatives who refused to budge. He was implored by the Liberals to create more Liberal peers but he turned the problem back to electorate and at the pivot-able point in the crisis King Edward VII died.

This complex and brief period of British history is one of the most fascinating to study, its legacy never far from us in modern day society. The following fifty years would in part grow from the ideologies and aspirations created by those who lived through it.

About Annabel Fielding

Annabel Fielding, having graduated from the University of Arts London with an MA in Public Relations, is a PR assistant by day and a novelist by night.
Being a self-professed history geek, she dedicates her free time to obscure biographies, solo travel and tea. She also posts a mix of book reviews and travel photos on her blog at She can also be followed on Twitter as @DearestAnnabel