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Women’s fiction are stories that focus on women.

Betrayed a Scintillating Romance

Betrayed a Scintillating Romance Betrayed a scintillating romance is the second book of author Nora Edington’s Love and Betrayals Romance Series.   As an avid reader and book reviewer/podcaster, I have been very much looking forward to the release of Nora Edington’s Book 2 of the Love and Betrayals Romance Series. Book 1 of this series…
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Cross Her Heart Thriller Novel-Bree Taggert Book 1

Cross Her Heart Thriller Novel-Bree Taggert Book 1 Cross Her Heart Thriller Novel - Author Melinda Leigh is back with an exciting new thriller series. Bree Taggert is a Philadelphia woman homicide detective. [caption id="attachment_5072" align="alignleft" width="300"] Cross Her Heart Thriller Novel[/caption] Bree Taggert is a woman homicide detective in Philadelphia. Leigh’s expertise has created…
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Thriller Novel Pretty Things – Janelle Brown

Thriller Novel Pretty Things is an engrossing page-turner! I like to fall asleep to audiobooks. Ha! Not happening with this exciting thriller novel!   Usually, I choose an audiobook version of a novel so I can listen and fall asleep. I set the sleep timer on  fifteen or thirty minutes. How did that work out…
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Ordinary Hazards – Quietly Stunning

Ordinary Hazards - Quietly Stunning Debut Novel Ordinary Hazards, is a quietly stunning story. In her debut novel, Anna Bruno penned this poignant story like a powerful train moving through a long tunnel. As this proverbial train moves slowing through the long dark tunnel it eventually emerges on the other side. In the light, it is…
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