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Romance novels fictional stories that revolve around falling in love.

Alone In The Light Romance Fiction Deeply Moving

Alone In The Light Romance Fiction Deeply Moving Alone In the Light Romance Fiction Deeply moving story. Astounding debut novel. Military lovers Josh and Mary. An experience from which you must recover.   I listened to the Audible version of Alone In The Light. I listened to this military romance story “alone in the dark” every…
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Coming of Age Romance Novel

Coming of Age Romance Novel Coming-of-Age romance novel, Beginning, Book 1 Love and Betrayals Romance Series is the sultry, hot summer romance story of young Jenny's sensual awakening.   Beginning is a beautifully well-written story. And it has the potential to affect readers emotionally. The characters have strengths and weaknesses with which many readers may…
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What You Wish For – Katherine Center Novel

What You Wish For What You Wish For is a story full of heart. The characters are so real you will feel you know them. Katherine Center takes readers on an emotional journey. Then she brings them back home with tears of joy. In fact, finding joy in life is an integral part of this…
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Romance Love Story Another You – Jane Cable

Romance Love Story Women’s Fiction - Another You Romance love story-women’s fiction Another You is a haunting love story made up of many “moving parts.” The story is one of historical-fiction, romance, family-drama, and is mostly focused on Marie, the protagonist. Marie lives in a small building that also houses the seaside pub she runs…
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