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Thriller novels are suspenseful and exciting.

Fast-Paced Psychological Thriller Unfaithful

Fast-Paced Psychological Thriller Unfaithful Fast-paced psychological thriller Unfaithful brings readers smart, engaging characters. Unfaithful is a novel packed with a good level of complexity that will keep readers engrossed in the story. Think of it as a cozy mystery on steroids. The cast of characters are educated, intelligent and successful people. Yet, in spite of…
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Murder Mystery Thriller Novel – Realer

Murder Mystery Thriller Novel - Realer Murder mystery thriller novel - Realer is set in a post-pandemic world. Published during the current deadly Covid-19 pandemic, Realer may seem all too real. The title is unsettling as it was published during the Covid-19 pandemic which really has resulted in millions of world-wide deaths. Not to take away from…
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Housewife Chronicles Highly Addictive Read!

Housewife Chronicles Highly Addictive Read! Housewife Chronicles highly addictive read! I was drawn into this gripping story right from the start. Author Jennifer Snow's in top form with this murder mystery thriller, dark comedy novel. The story revolves around a 30 something woman whose husband has left her for a younger woman. The pretty little…
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Spy Thriller Novel Deep Cover

Spy Thriller Novel - Deep Cover - John L. DeBoer Spy thriller novel Deep Cover scares the hell out of me! John L. DeBoer’s astute espionage novel has my political fears on high alert. Would a spy thriller like Deep Cover alarmed me twenty years ago? I don’t think so. However, I’m reading Deep Cover during present…
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