Haunting Paris Book Review Historical Romance

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Haunting Paris Book Review Historical Romance Novel

  • Haunting Paris Book Review – Haunting Paris is a sensitive and heart-wrenching romantic historical novel. The evocative story line enhances the narrative. From the onset, readers will welcome the characters as each one struggles to overcome the reality of the powerful and disturbing events. The characters are then caught up in a personal mission to discover their own personal truths. The American, Will, longs for a different kind of life, Isabelle must learn to accept her husband has left her for good, and Sylvie will become driven to discover the meaning behind a mysterious note left behind by her lover, the now ghostly, Julian.
  • The author, Mamta Chaudhry, expertly creates an accurate setting derived from World War II German-occupied France history books as well as her imagination. The cast of characters is well-rounded, especially the forlorn ghost, Julian. However, it is the grieving, ever-faithful and determined, Sylvie, who spellbinds the reader as she diligently works to solve the mysterious fate of her deceased lover’s sister and nieces. Loaded with emotion, fans will not want to put down this haunting romantic historical history novel.  


Haunting Paris Book Review

    Haunting Paris Book Review

Here is what makes Haunting Paris special to me:

  • Haunting Paris is a memorable and unique telling of the abject horrors of the Nazi occupation of France. While the story is set in 1989 Paris, the mystery of the missing child takes us on an incredibly emotional journey back to the 1942 streets of Nazi-controlled Paris. The reader is helpless to stop the massive tragedy in which Jewish men, women, and children are rounded up and exterminated as part of the Nazi murderous policy known as the Final Solution.
  • I believe Haunting Paris is one of many stories that must be retold time and time again. Every generation should know and understand the horror of what happened, and understand that it should never be forgotten. As human beings we must learn from the mistakes that recorded history provides to us. We should be as the ghost in Haunting Paris,

"And now I consider my new state with similar doubleness, observing how as I am slowly being absorbed into the past, the past is also being absorbed into me."

  • Let us remember together. Let the past be absorbed into us. Let us never forget. Haunting Paris has deeply affected me and will stay with me forever.

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