How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

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How to Walk Away by Katherine Center Book Review. This women's fiction book club recommendation tells an uplifting tale of a woman's courage to find joy in the face of extreme adversity. The story begins by introducing us to Margaret, a young educated woman with a bright future.

Margaret has an excellent reason to believe she will soon be officially offered a wonderful job. However, things begin to unravel when Chip, Margaret's handsome and charming boyfriend, pressures her to accompany him on a short flight, with Chip as the pilot. Chip is planning to surprise Margaret by proposing marriage to her during the flight. The big red flag here is that Chip doesn’t quite have his pilot’s license. In fact, he still needs to take and pass the pilot license test.


How to Walk Away Book Cover Book Review

How to Walk Away Book Cover Book Review

Immediately following Chip's proposal, Margaret's life goes into a tail spin. She finds herself having to rely on others for things she never imagined she would. Margaret is surrounded by well-meaning family members who try to come together to support her. But this a family that has been wounded by dysfunction that, in some ways, just seems to get worse as time goes on.


I was rooting for all of them to come together and heal, especially Margaret. Oh, did I forget to mention the hunky, but ever-scowling, Ian? Well, no spoilers here, so I'm just going to let you and your book club members enjoy this story as it unfolds.

I found How to Walk Away to be a worthwhile and good read. While this story deals with the serious subject matter of a life-threatening situation, I do whole-heartedly recommend How to Walk Away for your women's book club reading group. Author, Katherine Center, has skillfully managed to weave this New York Times best-seller together with sadness, frustration, courage, love, humor, happiness, and yes, even joy!

How to Walk Away is high on my list of women's fiction book club recommendations. I must say that there was not much, to not like, about How to Walk Away. I quickly discovered that once I picked this book up, I just did not want to put it down.
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