The Girl In The Plane Short Story

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The Girl In The Plane Short Story

The Girl In The Plane is a short story written by Katherine Center author of How To Walk Away and Things You Save In A Fire. Listen to/read the story here.

Many readers, who have read both How to Walk Away and Things You Save In A Fire,  have noticed a small reference was made in Things You Save In A Fire, to the main character of How to Walk Away.

Now Katherine Center has written a short story (basically a bonus chapter) entitled The Girl In The Plane. With this short story the author provides her devoted readers with a bridge story between these the two beloved books.

As of the time of this writing you can read and/or listen to The Girl In the Plane by following this link The Girl In The Plane provided by the author. The link also provides an excerpt of Things You Save In A Fire. I have also provided a link below to pre-order Katherine Center's upcoming book, What You Wish For.

And in case you haven't read any of Katherine Center's wonderful women's fiction novels, I will provide you with links to purchase them below, as well as links to other books written by this author. There is a reason Katherine Center is a New York Times Bestselling Author. Read just one of her books and you will discover why Katherine Center has such a loyal following of readers.

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