2019 Movie Releases – Films from Books

2019 Movie Releases – Films from Books
The Woman in the Window

2019 Movie Releases - Films from Books

2019 Movies and TV Series Releases – Films from Books Rolling Out Now!

2019 Brings Exciting Books to Movies – Books Developed for Cinema

Book lovers are excited to see films from books we have read and enjoyed. Seeing the stories acted out on the big screen adds a colorful dimension to the story. Let’s talk about 2019 books to movies. I’m so excited to announce that the film based on the A. J. Finn thriller novel, The Woman In The Window, is set for release on October 4, 2019. This highly anticipated film stars an impressive cast: Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Bryan Tyree Henry and Julianne Moore. I feel sure book clubs everywhere will have The Woman In The Window on their reading list and on their calendar as a theater event as well. Haven’t read the book yet? Get a copy.

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