A Christmas Surprise Romance

A Christmas Surprise Romance
A Christmas Surprise Romance - Nora Edington - Book-Cover

A Christmas Surprise Romance

A Christmas Surprise Romance

A Christmas Surprise Romance is a romantic, sensual novella of sugary sweet, Jenny and her hunky husband, Ray in the Love & Betrayals series. If you have read the previous books in the Love & Betrayal book series, you already know that Ray is a man with the sexy skills to beguile any woman and make her swoon.


In this latest installment of the Love & Betrayals book series, Ray turns up the heat for his exquisitely beautiful wife. Ray lovingly continues to demonstrate for Jenny even more new and exciting ways to express their love for each other.


A Christmas Surprise Romance
A Christmas Surprise Romance


Jenny has been looking forward to the upcoming Christmas holidays. She is excited and can’t wait for Ray to spend the holidays with her and her family. While Ray has promised Jenny he will be there for the family Christmas, he gets called away for important business. However, into every romance a little rain, or in this case, a lot of snow must fall.

Jenny feels abandoned by Ray when it appears a blizzard may keep him from making his way back home for the Christmas holidays. She wonders why Ray seems to always put his business first. And as Jenny’s disappointment in Ray takes over, readers will worry if Jenny and Ray’s marriage will survive the Christmas season?

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Book Description:

It’s been two years since their wedding, and Jenny and Ray are happy. Their marriage is solid and trouble-free. Or is it?

Ray spends every free moment at the office, and his non-stop business trips harbor uncertainties in Jenny’s heart.
When Ray goes away for the Holidays, Jenny reaches her breaking point.

Does Ray’s business mean everything to him? Will Jenny always remain second in his heart?

Author’s Note:

This novella will be a special treat for fans of Jenny and Ray, but as with all my books, it can also be read as a standalone story.


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