Betrayed a Scintillating Romance

Betrayed a Scintillating Romance

Betrayed a Scintillating Romance

Betrayed a Scintillating Romance

Betrayed a scintillating romance is the second book of author Nora Edington’s Love and Betrayals Romance Series.
As an avid reader and book reviewer/podcaster, I have been very much looking forward to the release of Nora Edington’s Book 2 of the Love and Betrayals Romance Series. Book 1 of this series is Beginning and Book 2 is: Betrayed.

Since I have already read and reviewed Book 1: Beginning, I can say that Book 2: Betrayed stands just fine on its own. However, if you haven’t picked up a copy of Book 1: Beginning, I suggest you get both books now. Why would you want to miss out on any of the sensual desire and arousing fun in “Beginning?”
I thoroughly enjoyed the story of studious Jenny and successful businessman, Ray. The beguiling and passionate relationship between this beautiful and chaste young woman, and the skillful and fascinating older man is simply irresistible! Jenny’s first love is more than she ever imagined. Ray is more than willing to enlighten Jenny by awakening the womanly desire within her. Ray is by not just taken by her beauty but by Jenny’s sweet innocence and her willingness to learn how to please him.

Betrayed a Scintillating Romance

In Book 2 – Betrayed, the author fills us in on what has happened since the end of Book 1. Betrayed looks back to the past, thereby bringing readers up-to-date with the characters and their current situation.
I was anxiously awaiting Betrayed. I can now say that Book 2 did not disappoint me. Just as in Book 1, the author expertly paces the story has provided readers with believable and passionate characters. 
Based on the title of Betrayed, I fully expected to see the relationships, formed in Beginnings, to be tried and tested. So what happens next after Beginning? You will have to read Betrayed to find out. And if you are like me…you will be looking forward to a Book 3.
Will there be a Book 3? Stay tuned for the answer to that intriguing question… 

Readers who bought Betrayed Book 2, also bought Beginning Book 1

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Author disclosure: This book was published two years ago as the “Betrayed Love” under the name of R.James. Since then, the story was completely rewritten and re-edited. If you already read this book, I thank you and hope you have enjoyed it.

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