Deep Fried Revenge – Murder Mystery

Deep Fried Revenge – Murder Mystery

Deep Fried Revenge - Murder Mystery

Deep Fried Revenge Murder Mystery

Deep Fried Revenge is a murder mystery in book in the Farm-to-Fork Mystery series written by Lynn Cahoon. Deep Fried Revenge was a really fun read for me. This is the first book I have read in this series and the story stood just fine on its own.
The murder mystery in Deep Fried Revenge takes place during at the State Fair in Boise. The main characters, are entered in a restaurant contest. Unfortunately, the chefs entered in the contest are dying (literally) to win this cooking competition.

New York Times Bestselling Author Lynn Cahoon

This mystery tale is interesting and fun. I found the characters to be well-developed and engaging. Particularly, I enjoyed how solving the murder mystery was intertwined into the State Fair cooking competition story. Deep Fried Revenge presents a murder mystery revenge recipe with a good mix of captivating characters, a cupful of charming folks, a dash of runaway, and a sprinkle of romance.


Book Description from Publisher:

Angie Turner is all prepped to face Boise’s culinary best when she enters her restaurant, The County Seat, into a big State Fair challenge. Instead, she gets dunked into a new murder investigation after a killer starts scrapping her competition . . .

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