Every Breath Book Review – Nicholas Sparks

Every Breath Book Review – Nicholas Sparks
every breath book review

Every Breath Book Review - Nicholas Sparks

Every Breath Book Review – Nicholas Sparks

Every Breath Book Review – Nicholas Sparks. The story opens at a key point in Hope’s life. It’s all here: passion, romance, love, loss, tragedy and regret.
This Nicholas Sparks novel is a mostly fiction romance novel with some non-fiction elements. Every Breath takes us first to North Carolina.  Hope Anderson, now thirty-six years of age, is frustrated. She feels that she has come to an important junction in life. Hope believes it’s time for some serious decision making. Hope is distressed because after six years together, her surgeon boyfriend, Josh, has yet to propose marriage to her. In fact, they’ve just broken up. Adding to Hope’s dismay is the recent news that her father has been diagnosed with ALS. Hope is close to her father and loves him dearly. She is filled with fear and concern for how his quality of life will decline at the hands of this debilitating disease.
Hope has come to the realization that she needs to take a little time away to think about where she is in her life, and to determine what she wants for her future. She drives to her parent’s cottage on Sunset Beach. Her parents have already made the decision to sell the cottage and Hope will make herself useful by readying it for the sale.
In the comfort of the cozy cottage, and during long walks along the shore of Sunset Beach, Hope ponders her future. One thing Hope knows for sure, is that she wants children. This desire for family and children, begs the question: will Hope and Josh get married, or will she give up on Josh and find someone else? She has six years invested in their relationship. Hope wants to get married and start a family.
Next, we are taken to Zimbabwe on the African continent. Tru Walls is a forty-two-year old safari guide. He is divorced and has shared custody of his young son. Tru receives a letter requesting him to come to North Carolina. The letter was written by a man who may well be Tru’s biological father. The man wants Tru to meet with him on Sunset Beach. Tru’s mother died before he had a chance to know her. He grew up with so many questions about her … questions that were never answered. Tru decides to make the trip to Sunset Beach in hopes of learning more about his mother.
As fate would have it, strangers, Tru and Hope meet on Sunset Beach. They are, at once, attracted to each other. You know the “you are a magnet and I am steel” kind of attraction. And in a matter of a few short days together, Tru and Hope experience feelings for each other that run as deep as the ocean on Sunset Beach.  As we read on, the overpowering love and desire Tru and Hope feel for each other will come up against the lives they have, so far, lived separately and the expectations each one of them has for the future.
Hope decides rather quickly. Her decision will serve to seal her future. To some, Hope’s choice may seem rather selfish, misguided, and maybe, even downright foolish. Not that Hope regrets having her children, because she doesn’t. But later down the long and rocky road of life, will her choice result in a realization of the loss of a lifetime that could have been?
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Every Breath is the story of enduring love, but not without regrets and heartbreak. After all this is a Nicholas Sparks novel.
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