Exciting Thriller Novel Last One to Lie

Exciting Thriller Novel Last One to Lie

Exciting Thriller Novel Last One to Lie

Exciting Thriller Novel Last One to Lie

Exciting Thriller Novel Last One to Lie grips you instantly as a distraught mom learns her little girl isn’t at daycare where she left her just hours ago.
Last One to Lie thrill-ride hurtles you through this intense story. Mom, Kelsey Jennings, is coming apart at the seams as she waits for police to arrive. As you can well imagine, it’s terribly difficult for Kelsey to collect herself as the police arrive on the scene. She struggles to provide the pertinent details of the morning events to assist Detective Paul Ryan and a rookie police officer with information to find her daughter, Mikayla. It doesn’t help matters that the day care staff say Mikayla was never there. To further inhibit the search for Mikayla, Kelsey’s husband is also nowhere to be found.
To say Last One to Lie is a thrilling page-turner is an understatement. This psychological thriller keep you on the edge of your seat and on your toes all at the same time! I absolutely loved the twists and turns!  As the suspense builds, readers will begin to realize much of what they think they know isn’t what it appears to be. That doubt and uncertainty drives the building suspense of Last One to Lie.

Last One to Lie – Psycho-Thriller

There’s a lot going on in Last One to Lie. The plot thickens! J.M. Winchester expertly provides details to help readers fill in the blanks. Yet the author is also careful not to prematurely provide too much information. Last One to Lie is a unique puzzle of a story.
Readers will notice that there are no chapter titles in the book. I believe that not including chapter titles in this book allows the suspense to continue to build and intensify. The fact that some of the puzzle pieces are missing here and there, just adds to the challenge of solving this mystery. After all, how often in real life do we have all the pieces to the puzzle of life?
I don’t know if I’m the only person who keeps a note pad while reading mysteries. As I begin to read, I jot down the name of each new character as they are introduced into the story. I include how they are related to other characters already introduced in the story. This is a easy way to help me piece everything (and everyone) together as the story goes along. 
Last One to Lie is full of mysterious questions to which the answers continue to elude readers. Just when you think you know what’s happening…nope, that’s not it at all. I found Last One to Lie to be an engaging and unique story in many ways. I won’t give any more details as I prefer not to print spoilers. 
I plan to add Last One to Lie to my book club’s reading list. I think Last One to Lie is a great choice for a book club book. I know my book club members will really enjoy hashing out this exciting thriller novel.
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