Housewife Chronicles Book II

Housewife Chronicles Book II
Housewife-Chronicles-II Book Cover

Housewife Chronicles Book II

Housewife Chronicles Book II

Housewife Chronicles Book II – The characters from Housewife Chronicles are back! And one of them might be a murderer!  I loved reading this second book in the women’s fiction series.


The first thing I discovered, while reading this story is Jennifer Snow is a master of dark comedy. She is “dead-on” (no pun intended) with her expert use of dry wit humor.


In this 2nd book in the Housewife Chronicles series, author, Jennifer Snow brings readers a new and intriguing murder-mystery to solve!


Housewife Chronicles I and II Book Covers
Housewife Chronicles I and II – Author Jennifer Snow


As the story begins, it just doesn’t seem right when a fairly quiet and unassuming character is found dead in her office. Who on earth would want to kill her and why?


Let the Housewife Chronicles games begin!  Hang on! The group of housewife “frenemies” band together to investigate the  shocking  murder!


This second book in the series really peaked my curiosity! I found myself guessing all the way through the story…and right up until the end. If you are anything like me, I bet you really love reading mysteries with unanticipated twists and turns.  Housewife Chronicles II definitely brings the surprises!  I can say this story did not disappoint me one bit.



While this second Housewife Chronicles story begins anew, there are enough look-backs for readers who have not read the first book to thoroughly enjoy this new and fascinatingly fun mystery romp. The quick pace of the story kept the housewives moving fast and furious to solve the murder. They were so engrossed in their sleuthing, they didn’t have a whole lot of time for coffee and yoga in this swift page-turner. In fact, one of them even packed up her still-nursing baby and brought him along for this thrill-ride murder-mystery story!


I loved how the author, provided just enough humor, and irreverent banter to keep this story fun! Even though there was a murder to be solved, this dark comedy had me chuckling, and sometimes even laughing out loud. I loved reading Housewife Chronicles II! I just couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!


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Publisher Book Description of Housewife Chronicles II by Jennifer Snow:

Last year’s neighborhood scandal should have been the most intriguing, but when her editor dies a mysterious death, bestselling author, Grace Lee decides to switch genres from relationship dramas to thrillers. Drawing inspiration from real life has always been her thing and she’s at risk of losing her publishing contract if the words don’t start flowing soon.But when she disappears down a rabbit hole of research into the deceased woman’s past, reality becomes much more complicated than the fictionalized story she’s attempting to tell. When her editor’s death is deemed a murder and Grace is the only suspect, her time is running out to unravel the clues in this real life mystery. With her career and freedom on the line Grace and the housewives once again set out to prove that murder is not part of their weekly coffee group.

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