Intense Suspense Novel E&J

Intense Suspense Novel E&J

Intense Suspense Novel E&J

Intense Suspense Novel E&J

Intense Suspense Novel E&J written by author, Michael Angelo Williams. This brilliant fictional story is inspired by real situations.


E&J is an intense fictional story with an understated, yet powerful call to action. E&J are Afro-American brothers. To say the neighborhood was surprised, when these fraternal twins were born one black and one white, is an understatement.


Author, Michael Angelo Williams has so much to tell us in his fast-paced, true to life depiction of the black youth in the surrounding neighborhood. In a time when the black youth in this story should be reaping the rewards of those freedom-fighters of the past who have blazed a path to equality, they instead continue to live and die “by the sword.” I believe Michael Angelo Williams is presenting readers with cold hard truths wrapped in love, faith and hope for a better future.


E&J is not only a must-read for African-American youth, but for all of us as well. It is only when we come together that we will succeed in creating equality. Martin Luther King was a good God-fearing man. Dr. King paved the way, now it’s up to the Afro-American youth of today to pick up the gauntlet and continue to work for what is right … and that is equality for all.




Intense Suspense Novel E&J Book Cover Photo
Intense Suspense Novel E&J Book Cover Photo


Last, but certainly not least, my most important message to all minorities in the U.S.A. is about education. No matter what issues may get you down in life, don’t give up on education. Minority citizens obtaining a college degree and advanced degrees will go a long way to change our country. And honestly, every day I look around … and everywhere I see the changes Dr. King dreamed about. Will we get to see all the changes we want to see in our lifetime? Maybe not, but it is surely noble to keep up the good fight for the children who come after us. I know I cannot speak for Dr. King. I can only speak for myself. And I can say truthfully I remember, as a child, watching Dr. King on the TV screen. I was amazed by him and I was drawn to his dream.

*E&J is Part One of the E&J Book Series by author: Michael Angelo Williams.

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About the Author: Michael Angelo

Williams Michael Angelo Williams was born and raised in the East New York section of Brooklyn. His early schooling at Catholic school St. Peter Claver in Brooklyn where writing, acting, and the importance of prayer was highly significant.  He completed the final year of high school in South Carolina in June of 1986. Graduating with honors in writing and awards in speech and drama. Michael is the father of 5 beautiful children and 5 grandchildren.

About The Author
About The Author – Michael Angelo Williams





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