Jessica Fletcher Books-Murder She Wrote-Murder In Red

Jessica Fletcher Books-Murder She Wrote-Murder In Red

Jessica Fletcher Books-Murder She Wrote-Murder In Red

Jessica Fletcher Books – Murder She Wrote – Murder In Red – Author Jon Land

Murder She Wrote Murder In Red is my first ever reading of one of the popular Murder She Wrote Jessica Fletcher books. So, it’s one of the best Jessica Fletcher books I have ever read.

  • Although, I am a life-long fan of Angela Lansbury’s film career, I must be completely honest and state that I have only seen a couple of the old Murder She Wrote tv episodes. But hey, I’m a big fan of murder mysteries. And, I neglected to mention that I very much enjoyed the few Murder She Wrote tv episodes that I did manage to catch in reruns.

Jessica Fletcher books
Jessica Fletcher books Murder She Wrote Murder In Red Jon Land


  • Even so, I wasn’t sure, without the delightful Angela Lansbury performing on my tv screen, how reading this book would pan out. Well, just like a great Murder She Wrote tv series episode, I very much enjoyed this Jessica Fletcher book, Murder In Red. Jon Land’s writing in Murder In Red, brought Jessica Fletcher and all of the other characters to life for me in living color.  I can’t tell you how many times I smiled while reading, as I felt like I could literally feel the character, Jessica Fletcher, coming to life. The lines for Jessica were written so expertly by Jon Land, that I did easily imagine the voice of Angela Lansbury herself delivering them as if she was on my tv screen speaking across the room to me. And the dialogue between Jessica/Mrs. Fletcher and Mort/Sheriff was priceless.


  • The plot of Murder in Red involves clinical trials of drugs with terminally ill, or otherwise afflicted patients, acting as desperate human guinea pigs hoping for miracle cures. As I have medical related experience, I am impressed with the timely subject matter. The storyline presents the reader with situations that are all too often representative of the reality of how good work and the best intentions can be, unfortunately and all too frequently, corrupted by evil greed. All in all, I found in his Jessica Fletcher Murder She Wrote book, Murder in Red, Jon Land delivered realism, suspense and the twists and turns that all mystery fans crave. Rock on Jessica Fletcher! And all hail the Grande Dame, Angela Lansbury! Thanks Jon Land for a delightful read!

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