Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely – Chick Lit

Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely – Chick Lit
Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely

Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely - Chick Lit

Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely, number one bestselling author, is a romantic comedy short story and Book 1 of  Sexy Suits series.

In this chick-lit short story, Lucky Suit by Lauren Blakely, twenty-something Kristen Leonard, doesn’t have a significant man in her life right now. Kristen has had the misfortune of agreeing to blind dates arranged for her by her grandmother. Needless to say, none of the dates turned out to be winners.
Kristen is a confident and intelligent woman. Math is Kristen’s strong suit. At night, she enjoys peering at the stars and constellations through her telescope. Kristen has a sharp wit. She finds humorous ways to break up with men she has dated only once after meeting them via internet dating sites. Kristen lives in Key Biscayne in a condo next door to her seventy-five-year-old grandmother, who’s still looking marvelous in her skinny jeans! While they have a great relationship, Kristen is not interested in any more setup dates arranged by Grandma. Kristen tells Grandma that she has decided internet dating is the best way to go. But not so fast! Grandma still has a few tricks up her sleeve.
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The next time Kristen logs in to her dating site profile, she finds a message from Mack. She and Mack have a great online conversation. Kristen comes away impressed and can’t wait to talk with Mack again. But as fate would have it, Kristen goes on a date with a new man, Cameron. He’s into to math, telescopes and the stars, just like Kristen. In fact, Cameron’s interests actually make him seem a bit similar to Mack.

Sexy Suits Book Series

Lucky Suit, an Audible Original is a quick, fun read. The relationship between Kristen and her grandmother is refreshing. But now Kristen has to sort out her feelings between Mack and Cameron. And that might turn out to be a bit tricky indeed.
If you are looking for a fun little romance, you just got lucky. Lucky Suit might be just what you need.
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