Mother Knows Best – Psychological Thriller

Mother Knows Best – Psychological Thriller

Mother Knows Best - Psychological Thriller

Mother Knows Best – Psychological Thriller

Mother Knows Best is an extraordinary psychological thriller! Completely captivated by the story, I was frantically flipping the pages from start to finish.
Talented fertility doctor, Robert Nash, and his attractive and younger, over-achieving scientist/assistant, Jillian, have developed a unique technique to help prospective parents avoid passing down certain genetic mutations to their children. The main concept at play here is a, still mostly hush-hush, procedure of creating a child with three parents.
Kudos to author, Kira Peikoff, for expertly writing Mother Knows Best with just enough clinical detail for lay people to grasp the medical concepts and the scientific technology. I never felt like the medical/scientific details were over my head or overwhelming.

Mother Knows Best Psychological Thriller
Mother Knows Best Psychological Thriller

Claire and Ethan Abrams lost their eight-year old child to a genetic mutation inherited from Claire. While Claire and Ethan are both hopeful that someday they may have another child, they differ on how to make that happen. Ethan prefers to hold out hope that he and Claire have a chance to have a healthy child. He has it in his mind that they will love the child regardless of any health issues.
Claire, on the other hand, is searching for any new techniques that will guarantee her a healthy child who should have every opportunity to live a normal healthy life. Claire and Ethan have been advised that there is a more than likely chance that any child they bring into the world will have the same genetic mutation as their late son, Colton. The death of Colton, deeply affected Claire. Her heart and her now fragile mind hold out no hope of ever having a healthy child. Claire understands the reality of her situation. She knows that she cannot contemplate bringing another child into the world only to watch it slowly deteriorate and die an early death.
I very much enjoyed how each character is a uniquely fascinating personality. With multiple viewpoints battling for what they each believe is right and fair, the tension in Mother Knows Best is nerve-racking.  Let’s face it, if the main characters in this story decided to agree to disagree, we wouldn’t have such a tension-filled and emotionally-charged story in Mother Knows Best.  Even ten-year old Abby has a mind of her own. She’s like a little Captain Marvel with the physical and emotional energy to plan out her own objectives and successfully carry them out to fruition. But not even Abby can triumph every time.
Mother Knows Best is an extraordinary novel! I was totally invested in this story as evidenced with how fast I was turning the pages! Even the cover grabbed me before I even had a chance to open the book. I was mesmerized by the red-haired braid that is twisted across the book cover—like the twisted strands of DNA.
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