Over the Falls Mystery Suspense

Over the Falls Mystery Suspense
Over the Falls author Rebecca Hodge

Over the Falls Mystery Suspense

Over the Falls Mystery Suspense Thriller

Over the Falls Mystery Suspense – This captivating tale finds Bryn Collins, and her nephew, Josh in a desperate race against time!


Over the Falls has it all! This engrossing thriller and mystery-suspense novel from author, Rebecca Hodge, is a dynamic story rushing headlong into the power of love, betrayal, loss, sadness, anger, and the “should have been” expected consequences of some really bad choices. The non-stop action in this story is driven by secrets, lies, greed, hatred, danger, and love.


As the story unfolds, we learn Bryn has been living a quiet, tranquil, and solitary country life on some land with her chickens, goats, and her faithful dog. However, I found myself wondering if Bryn was really happy. Bryn did seem content with her life…that is, until Josh turned up at Bryn’s place after his mother, Del, went missing. Bryn soon learns her estranged sister has apparently managed to get in over her head with a sleazy drug dealer, Carl. Now Carl is threatening Bryn’s peaceful existence if she doesn’t find Del, and fast! It soon becomes clear to Bryn, Josh has good reason to be worried about his mom.


I completely enjoyed this engrossing story of an aunt and her nephew in their desperate quest to find Del…and to unravel the mystery of a familiar face in a crowd. Was that  face one Bryn never imagined she would ever see again?


I flew right through this propulsive, suspenseful and compelling story. I found myself driven by the constant need to see what would happen next! There was simply no putting this book down! This contemporary women’s fiction novel is the perfect women’s book club book.  I think there is a lot of subject matter to talk about and to keep your book club buzzing.


Over The Falls Book Cover
Over the Falls Mystery Suspense Novel


I listened to the audiobook version of this book. I very much enjoyed the narration. Kudos to Aven Shore and Nick Mondelli, who provided the great narration and perfect voice to this story.


This was my first book to read by author, Rebecca Hodge. And what a great book it is! I wanted to know more about this awesome author. I learned that this book is actually the second novel written by Hodge. And I thought…I need to read her first book too!


As soon as I finished reading Over the Falls, I found Hodge’s debut novel, Wildland. I just finished reading Wildland. Yes! It is awesome! I will post my book review of Wildland on this website, so be sure to check it out.


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Wildland Rebecca Hodge’s Exciting Thriller – Women’s Fiction Novel

Publisher’s Book Description:

 “For fans of The River at Night, Rebecca Hodge’s next thrilling read explores how far one woman will go to find her sister.” 

It’s early June in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee, and the idyllic beauty of the landscape belies the darkness that lurks beneath the surface. Bryn Collins has been living in isolation for fourteen years after her fiancé, Sawyer, jilted her for her despised sister, Del. Although a life-threatening accident ended her days navigating the perils of whitewater, she still finds refuge kayaking in the local lakes.

But Bryn’s placid life hits the skids when an unwelcome cast of characters reenters her life. Del goes mysteriously missing, and her fourteen-year-old son, Josh, arrives to ask for Bryn’s help finding her. His father, Sawyer, had been killed in a plane crash and he has no one else to turn to. Carl, an unruly punk the sisters knew years before, is desperate to find Del because she owes him money.

Bryn and Josh follow an ever-elusive trail to Colorado, and at the annual Mountain Games competition in Vail, they finally confront the truth. For Bryn, all roads lead to the river, and on vicious Colorado white waters, she must muster every ounce of courage and strength to save what she most loves in the world.


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