Privateers Thriller Novel – Charlie Newton

Privateers Thriller Novel – Charlie Newton

Privateers Thriller Novel - Charlie Newton

Privateers Thriller Novel – Charlie Newton

Privateers thriller novel, wow! This is my first Charlie Newton thriller. Three fierce women. A ghost ship’s treasure. And a bone-chilling Caribbean warlord. 
Before Privateers was released it had already received some really impressive advance praise, which I will include below. I found myself immediately drawn into this exciting and gripping story. Privateers presents readers with a fascinating mystery. This action-packed thriller, captivated me right from the start. 
An alarmingly fierce thriller, I found Privateers impossible to put down. And despite the brutal and ruthless nature of the story, there are some surprisingly essential elements of sensitivity and kindness as well. 

Privateers Thriller Novel Book

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Note: Rather than provide a summary of the book, I have included the publisher Book Description of Privateers below the Advance Praise.

Advance Praise

“Newton is the real deal. I’ll read anything he writes.” —New York Times bestselling author Lee Child
“Privateers rocks from beginning to explosive end. ” —Robert Dugoni, #1 Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling author of the Tracy Crosswhite series
“Not a stone left unturned, nor a word wasted, or a dull page to be found. A wonderful story from a master storyteller.” –Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of the Cotton Malone series 
Privateers will grab you by the collar and won’t let you go until Charlie Newton gives the nod. Rarely have I read a book so absorbing, so sharply written, so filled with action that it thrusts you into the real world and makes you look hard at its beauty and its heartbreak. —Jonathan Eig, New York Times bestselling author of Get Capone 
“A spellbinding tale of three strong women fighting to survive in the hunt for a lost treasure in the deadly swamps and jungles of the Corazon Santo, the holy heart of the Caribbean triangle between Cuba, Haiti, and Jamaica. Charlie Newton is a wordsmith extraordinaire who writes like a poet.“ —Todd Merer, author of The Extraditionist
“Privateers hits the ground running and builds to hurricane-level intensity. In the midst of this white-knuckle thriller, Newton shows how the West perpetuates many of the third-world evils it claims to want to cure.” –Andrew Diamond, award-winning author of Impala

Book Description

Three fierce women. A ghost ship’s treasure. And a bone-chilling Caribbean warlord. 
WWI rages. U.S. Marines storm Haiti’s Banque Nationale, loot $26 million in gold, then vanish . A century later, clues surface during the demolition of a Chicago racetrack, pointing to the Corazón Santo—the malevolent triangle of Havana, Kingston, and Port-au-Prince. Three fierce, vibrant women reunite to hunt the treasure, hoping it will buy their survival from past entanglements. They conscript a streetwise Chicago horseplayer’s help, then risk a return into the blood-drenched Caribbean jungle that has tried to kill them before. The uneasy partners are quickly swallowed in a terrifying labyrinth of shadow government and modern-day piracy where a final choice will be forced upon them: gold, survival, or redemption?   
Privateers is recommended for fans of Nelson DeMille’s The Cuban Affair, Nora Roberts’s The Reef, Clive Cussler’s Sea of Greed, and Wayne Stinnett’s Rising Water. 

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