Psychological Thriller Snow Creek

Psychological Thriller Snow Creek

Psychological Thriller Snow Creek

Psychological Thriller Snow Creek

Psychological Thriller Snow Creek is another exciting detective thriller from Gregg Olsen! This tense crime thriller introduces Detective Megan Carpenter. 
I loved Olsen’s Nicole Foster thrillers. Now in Snow Creek we meet Detective Carpenter. Megan is a complex woman with a past. But she is also a determined sleuth who doesn’t back down. Olsen sets an eerie mood for Snow Creek with this atmospheric story which takes place in a remote and secluded area of Washington state.
In Snow Creek, Megan works hard to ferret out the truth of who’s who, and who did what to whom. In spite of her own troubled mind, Megan won’t turn loose of this complex case until she exposes who’s innocent and who’s guilty of the violent murders. Megan conducts her investigation questioning some peculiar characters in the isolated area of Snow Creek. 

Snow Creek Psychological Thriller Gregg Olsen

I totally enjoyed this gripping thriller! The suspense in this skillfully written murder mystery kept me turning the pages of Snow Creek. Lies and secrets abound and the well-drawn characters provide the reader with strangely curious and thought-provoking situations.
Snow Creek kept me on the edge of my seat in my quest to figure out who is honest, who seeks to mislead, and who is guilty of murder and/or murders. And when it comes to twists and turns, Olsen does not disappoint! So, if you think you have Snow Creek all figured out…not so fast!  The plot is full of twists and turns thriller readers love. And then pow! Olsen delivers a chilling punch of the macabre. 
After reading the Nicole Foster thrillers, I became a dedicated fan of this author. And that is really saying something, because I was never into detective thrillers until I came to know Nicole Foster in the Sound of Rain and The Weight of Silence. Nicole is a well-drawn and sympathetic character…but, oh my, her sister Stacey!
Okay, I’ll get back on track to this psychological thriller Snow Creek. I can’t wait to learn even more about Detective Megan Carpenter. As the protagonist, Megan is a flawed, yet sympathetic character. Most readers will be able to identify with and care about Megan. From what we learn about Megan’s past, we can devise that she has a lot of work to do on herself.
However, while I find Megan a sympathetic character, I’m not sure that I can say I feel admiration for her as the protagonist. There is just something about Megan that makes me a bit uneasy. I just can’t quite figure her out. I’ll just have to take a wait and see attitude before I can make an accurate determination about how I feel about Detective Carpenter. And without giving anything away—I believe it’s safe to assume, we will undoubtedly be reading more about Detective Carpenter in the future. I am very much looking forward to discovering more about Megan in the next book in this new series.
“Footprints were scattered about like fallen leaves. She looked down into the ravine, and once more her lungs filled with fear. A body, blackened and motionless lay splayed out in the bushes.Snow Creek, Publisher’s Quote

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