Resilient Transition – Upbeat Self-Help Book

Resilient Transition – Upbeat Self-Help Book
Resilient Transition

Resilient Transition - Upbeat Self-Help Book

Resilient Transition – Upbeat Self-Help Book

Resilient Transition Upbeat Self-Help Book which I describe as an upbeat self-help book, is a “must-read” for any person experiencing a significant life changing transition. Written by author, Saeed Mustafa, this easy to read, self-help book is about combating the feelings of stress & anxiety.


Resilient Transition can be immensely helpful in your quest to attain resilience going forward in your life.  If you listen to my podcast episode for Resilient Transition, the author, Saeed Mustafa, tells us, a little bit about his wonderful book.  And after having been in contact with the author, I am excited to be sharing information about his wonderful and uplifting book with you, the readers, and with all my podcast listeners as well. I just cannot say enough grand things about this book.  After spending many years of his life in the military, Saeed shares his knowledge and reaches out to help us go through our own transitions and to attain our own resilient transition.


In the podcast episode, Saeed tells us: “In this book, I offer strategies for veterans transitioning from military to civilian life. My solutions are rooted in the science of music therapy, universal laws of attraction, philosophy, energy healing, and a resilient mindset, all of which have immensely helped me in my own transition. I now plan to share the wisdom gained through years of experience gathered from all over the world …with you! -Saeed Mustafa.





I found it so refreshing for a man who has spent a major portion of his life in the military, to come away from that experience with a level of  concern and caring most of us might not expect.  But Saeed tells us “The joy is in the journey.” And I say Amen to that!  Saeed brings readers his easy to read, and down to earth, Resilient Transitions filled with uplifting ideas. Saeed assures us that once we know the secrets that he discovered along his own journey” it will make our transition so much easier. And I whole-heartedly believe him. Saeed how so many wonderful ideas that will assist with attaining your own resilient transition. This is most definitely the kind of book you want to be able to grab off the shelf and hand it to someone you love who finds themself in a tough transitional time. It’s like as you hand the book to them, you say, “Here you go, read this. “It’s easy to read and it will lift your spirits.”


Saeed Mustafa wrote his book in order to empower his readers by learning what he has already experienced. Resilient Transition is the kind of book you not only what to have around for when you may be feeling stressed out, but to also be able to hand it over to someone you know who may be struggling through a difficult and stressful life transition. In his book, Saeed presents us with some really beneficial and insightful ideas.  And thank heaven, it is not cumbersome and is refreshingly free of psycho-babble. Resilient Transition is an upbeat, heartfelt, and joyous read!


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Book Description – Resilient Transition: Combating The Feelings Of Stress & Anxiety

This book description, derived from the publisher book summary, includes heartfelt words from the author in which he explains to us, the readers, what we all can do to attain resilience by combating the feelings of stress and anxiety.

They say that the joy is in the journey, but sometimes, it can feel anything but that. Any type of change can be difficult, but it is especially hard for military veterans when we transition from military life to civilian life. In the military, you learn to believe in a mission that is much bigger than yourself, demonstrated by those women and men who make the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow Soldiers and for their country. Yet, when you leave it, you find yourself struggling to find your new mission in the civilian world. Let my experience help you. When you know the secrets that I discovered along my own journey, it can make the transition as easy as brushing your teeth in the morning. It can help remove all the unnecessary pain, trials, and tribulations during your transition process.

I empower my readers to manifest their own realities. You are not helpless, and you have the power to demand what you want from your life and get it. I inspire my readers to build a resilient mindset to help in situations that may seem impossible to deal with. Don’t look at the transition from military life as the end of your life, rather look at it as the beginning of your new opportunity to find new mission and purpose in life and serve your community.

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