Romance Love Story Another You – Jane Cable

Romance Love Story Another You – Jane Cable
Romance Another You Puzzle

Romance Love Story Another You - Jane Cable

Romance Love Story Women’s Fiction – Another You

Romance love story-women’s fiction Another You is a haunting love story made up of many “moving parts.” The story is one of historical-fiction, romance, family-drama, and is mostly focused on Marie, the protagonist. Marie lives in a small building that also houses the seaside pub she runs alongside her husband, Stephen, and their teenage son, Jude.
Jude is a budding young artist faced with making the all-important decision whether to follow his dream, or to take what others see as the safer and more sensible route.  And Jude is in love with a girl who has not yet told her parents about him. While Marie and Stephen remain married on paper and continue to run the business together, their marriage has gone by the wayside. 

Romance Love Story Another You
Romance Love Story Another You

The storyline of Another You takes on some serious issues such as mind-numbing migraines, abusive relationships, post-traumatic stress disorder, futile relationships, as well as the emotional stress and anxiety that accompanies the realization of imminent divorce. It seems the greatest factor holding Marie back from living her best life— is a serious amount of fear-based avoidance behavior.
Take heart dear readers, Another You is also a story about friendship, budding new relationships, romance, young love and mature second-time around love. It’s about acceptance—letting go and learning to begin again. The characters are brought to life through courage, anticipation and hope for a better tomorrow.
With so much going on, readers may tend to feel Another You is a great deal like real life…it is! Much like the jigsaw puzzle featured in the story, Jane Cable spreads out the  puzzle pieces of the story, then sensitively assembles all the pieces of Another You with loving care. I highly recommend Another You as a moving and complex love story. I would so love to read a sequel to Another You. 

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