The Bodyguard Katherine Center Romance

The Bodyguard Katherine Center Romance
The Bodyguard Book Cover

The Bodyguard Katherine Center Romance

The Bodyguard Katherine Center Romance


The Bodyguard Katherine Center Romance – Rollicking entertaining story of a woman bodyguard and the hunky Hollywood movie star she protects.


I became a huge fan of Katherine Center a few years back. Her stories are overflowing with light romance, and love. And as a reader, I much very much enjoy the expectation of a satisfying  conclusion whenever I read a Katherine Center novel. That being said, you may understand how eagerly I anticipated reading The Bodyguard Katherine Center romance novel.



The Bodyguard – Katherine Center


If you are a fan and regular reader of Katherine Center’s novels, you too, most likely expect a certain ambiance/tone when you pick up one of her new novels. However, I actually was surprised by what I personally found to be a distinctively different atmosphere in The Bodyguard. Nevertheless, I am pleased to say I embraced this story of Hannah, a pint-sized woman bodyguard. In Hannah’s latest assignment, she is charged with protecting the hunky Hollywood movie star, Jack Stapleton from an over-zealous fame turned stalker.


The Bodyguard reminded me of a romantic farce, so I will describe it as a rom-com-farce. I say that most affectionately as I very much enjoyed the improbable and rather comical situation with Hannah as the tiny lady bodyguard assigned to protect Jack Stapleton, as the epitome of strength and manliness.  Jack’s fame can be attributed to that fact that he plays the role of “The Destroyer” in his latest movie. And while Jack thinks it is ridiculous for a petite woman to act as his protector, he finds a way to deal with it.


All in all, I loved reading this fun and engaging contemporary romance story of Jack and Hannah. Katherine Center has her own unique style of immersing readers in her never-fail enchanting romance stories. The Bodyguard is a wonderful reminder that Katherine Center never fails to bring joy and entertainment to her readers just as she continues to excel in her unique style of storytelling.

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