The Drowned Village-Historical Romance

The Drowned Village-Historical Romance

The Drowned Village-Historical Romance

The Drowned Village-Historical Romance

The Drowned Village-Historical Romance. A tragic miscommunication changes the path taken by two lovers planning to be married. This novel is based on a true and interesting story of how quickly love can go wrong. The Drowned Village-Historical Romance story is very good and very much worth the read.

This is a story of falling in love. Then somehow without warning nurse, Elin Jenkins’ heart is broken by the person with whom she excitedly looked forward to spending the rest of her life.


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This novel is based on a true story and deals with the human reaction to experiencing an unexpected and heart-breaking disappointment. The Drowned Village, illustrates the very human knee-jerk reaction to a heartbreaking communication. First there is disbelief, which is swiftly followed by hurt, and sorrow. Then a quick and final angry act of retribution becomes the end of the lovers’ dreams of a life together.

I think the takeaway from this moving story of losing a much anticipated love-filled life, is that communication is everything! Sure love is worth the risk of learning the truth. While knowing the truth might hurt, not knowing the truth might dash our dreams.  Likewise, not having the courage to seek out the truth will surely break our fragile hearts.


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Publisher Book Description of The Drowned Village – Historical Romance:

Based on an incredible true story…

Britain, 1954.The Second World War has ravaged the country, and for years families had been forced to go without to help the war effort. Even in the tiny stone village of Capel Celyn – where time seemingly stands still in the lush beauty of the surrounding hills – the war has left behind empty tables and broken hearts. But then the residents learn that their beloved village is at risk of being taken from them, and in the most shocking way imaginable. Who will be brave enough to save it?

Present day: Al Locke, retired Navy Captain, sets off up the well-worn track through the valley, towards the pretty village of Capel Celyn, determined to find the girl he once loved. Elin Jenkins: the dark-haired Welsh beauty he was going to marry after the war… until tragedy tore them apart.

But what he finds in that silent valley is a mystery greater even than their own. The village, once lively, is underwater. A shimmering ghost town in the depths of a vast lake. How can he find Elin when all trace of her has vanished? And will she be capable of forgiving him for his part in their tragic loss?

A gorgeously atmospheric and page-turning read about family secrets, heartbreak and learning to forgive. Fans of Kate Morton, Fiona Valpy and Lorna Cook will adore this beautiful book.

About the Author – Norma Curtis

About The Author Norma Curtis
About The Author Norma Curtis











Norma Curtis was born and brought up in North Wales. Her stories were first published in a teenage magazine, with the help of an encouraging and very tolerant editor. She dropped out of art school to work nights in a factory and write by day. After having her son, her first novel was published and won the Romantic Novelist Association’s New Writers’ Award and was chosen for the WHSmith Fresh Talent promotion. Three novels later, she became chairman of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and turned to writing short stories. She took an MA in prose fiction and self-published a children’s novel, and more recently had two books published under a pen name. She lives in North London with her husband and exists in a happy dual world of fiction and reality.


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