The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides Psycho-Thriller

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The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides

In The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides has delivered a psychological thriller with twists and turns that lead thriller readers to a truly surprise ending. If you’re tired of reading thriller books that don’t actually "thrill" you, and/or have predictable endings, then this book is for you. The Silent Patient is a knockout! Without giving anything away, I can say without a doubt, there will come a moment in The Silent Patient when you will surely say out loud, “What the …?” By way of The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides has written a cleverly-crafted murder mystery suspense novel. This book has it all: love, hate, lies, betrayal, secrets, murder, and some serious mental health issues. All the praise surrounding this smart authentic psychological thriller novel is well deserved. The Silent Patient bestows upon readers an intricate and skillfully written plot. Michaelides has expertly woven together well-developed intriguing characters, along with the twists and turns thriller fans crave. With The Silent Patient Alex Michaelides has created a gift that will satisfy, excite and please thriller fans everywhere. I find it an outstanding achievement that an Alex Michaelides has written a suspenseful psychological thriller debut novel that I can only describe as an extraordinary fictional masterpiece. 

The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides Book Summary:

Alicia Berenson is a well-known painter married to Gabriel, a successful fashion photographer. One night when Gabriel arrives home late after a fashion shoot, Alicia shoots him in the face multiple times. From that point on, Alicia never speaks another word to anyone. News reports of the tragically violent domestic homicide grabs the public’s attention. Inquiring minds are captivated by this dark and violent mystery. Following Gabriel’s death, there is a meteoric rise in the value of Alicia’s art. But, in her silence, Alicia has been banished to a secure psychiatric facility in the north of London. Theo Faber is a psychotherapist, who’s profession is a by-product of his troubled childhood and family life. Theo is determined to become Alicia’s therapist. He believes that he will be the one to help Alicia find her voice. Driven by internal motivating forces, Theo is determined to help Alicia help herself. Does Theo discover the truth about the night Gabriel was murdered? And if he does, at what cost will it come, and to whom?

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