Whats Worth Keeping – A Moving Novel

Whats Worth Keeping – A Moving Novel
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Whats Worth Keeping - A Moving Novel

Whats Worth Keeping – A Moving Novel

Whats Worth Keeping is a moving novel. In this moving novel, author Kaya McLaren, brings to her readers a touching family story.  Although there are moments of hopelessness, this family works hard to find their way through trauma. Their pain and suffering is not solely related to just one member of the family. I am reminded of a social work course wherein the instructor spoke of how when one member of the family is ill, it may then follow for all the family members to suffer as well.

What’s Worth Keeping A Novel
Whats Worth Keeping A Novel

The Bergstrom family members must deal together and separately, with the emotionally charged issues they face, both together, and alone.  Whats Worth Keeping tells a story of  physical, as well as emotional, trauma. Memories of the past and hopefulness for a better future are key elements of this story. Consider yourself fair-warned, most readers will want to have a box of tissues close by. What’s Worth Keeping is a touching tale of a family making its way through a present of full of hopelessness and fear, to a future built on  acceptance, forgiveness, bravery and mended hearts.

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About Kaya McLaren

In January 2021, Kaya’s new title will be released, What’s Worth Keeping, a story of healing and renewal inspired by but not based on her own experience with breast cancer, treatment, and recovery. Kaya’s other titles include: The Road To Enchantment (Jan. 2017), The Firelight Girls (2014), How I came to Sparkle Again (2012), On The Divinity Of Second Chances (2009), and Church Of the Dog (2008).

About Kaya McLaren
About the Author

In addition to being an author, Kaya has been an archaeologist, a massage therapist, an art teacher, and an elementary teacher. After spending a couple winters in Mexico, Kaya returned to her roots in Washington, where she is teaching middle school art.
When she is not working, Kaya loves to play outside–kayak, telemark ski, cross-country ski, stand-up paddleboard, skate ski, bicycle, ride horses, and attempt to surf. And if she can’t be outside, Kaya likes to play cello and bass, guitar, and banjo. Kaya enjoys painting, sculpting, and every once in a while she makes a quilt or stained glass window. Kaya loves to spend time in her garden, too.
Kaya’s dog, Frida Kahlo, adopted her on the streets of Mexico and has been enriching Kaya’s life ever since.

Publisher’s Book Description:

In Kaya McLaren’s What’s Worth Keeping, during one unforgettable summer, three generations of one family receive the best gift of all time: a second chance…
The day her doctor says the one word that no one wants to hear, Amy Bergstrom discovers a secret that her husband of 25 years has been keeping from her. Now that the months of treatment and surgeries are behind her, she escapes her claustrophobic life seeking healing, peace and clarity in an ancient forest in Washington State, a forest that holds memories of her childhood summers.
After dropping off his daughter at Amy’s Aunt Rae’s horse ranch in the mountains of New Mexico, Officer Paul Bergstrom visits the fixer-upper he had bought years ago as a place to retire with his family. Although it appears fine on the outside, the inside is a disaster—just like his marriage. When he finds himself with more off-duty time than he expected, he lovingly repairs his dream home, building the future he so desperately wants.
Witnessing her mother’s health crisis had been terrifying enough, but learning the cause was genetic leaves Carly with the sense that all of her dreams are pointless. With the help of her eccentric great aunt and a Clydesdale named T. Rex, Carly just may find her faith in her future again.
Amy, Paul, and Carly discover that love and family are worth keeping in this powerful, emotional, and hopeful novel.

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