Without Her Women's Fiction Novel

Without Her Women's Fiction Novel
Without Her Women's Fiction

Without Her Women's Fiction Novel

Without Her Women’s Fiction

Without Her Women’s Fiction: This is the story of Claudia and Hannah who became friends in a British boarding school back in the 1960’s. Hannah is a bit capricious and daring. Claudia, on the other hand, is a more serious and introspective young girl.
Claudia eventually follows her dream to become a filmmaker and moves to America.  Back in the Great Britain, Hannah marries and has a family. Claudia eventually becomes a cinematography professor and never marries. Regardless of distance and  dissimilar lifestyles, the two women remain friends see each other periodically over the years.

Hannah is now a grandmother and she and her husband have a vacation home in France. One day Claudia is contacted by Hannah’s husband asking her to come help him find his wife. Claudia drops everything to help find her missing friend.

Without Her - Rosalind Brackenbury
Without Her – Rosalind Brackenbury
Claudia is not completely shocked that her capricious friend might take off suddenly for some little adventure. However, when Hannah remains incommunicado her family members are becoming increasingly apprehensive. And Claudia’s concern for Hannah slowly turns into nagging trepidation.
What has happened to Hannah? Has she just jetted off on some flighty adventure? Or has something terrible befallen her? To solve this mystery,  Claudia digs deeper into Hannah’s past. As forever friends, their lives are eternally entwined. In looking back into Hannah’s life, Hannah she comes face to face with her own life as well.
Without Her is a compelling story of the enduring friendship of two women across time and continents. Without Her reminds us that true friendship is a precious gift, but quite possibly, one that isn’t always easy to sustain. I highly recommended Without Her to women who love their best friends, but may have struggled to maintain friendships over time. In Without Her, Rosalind Brackenbury reminds us to look deeper into those we love. 

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