Women’s Fiction – The Political Assistant

Women’s Fiction – The Political Assistant
The political Assistant Book Cover

Women’s Fiction - The Political Assistant

Women’s Fiction – The Political Assistant

Women’s Fiction – The Political Assistant is an engaging story every woman should read. The sheer energy of this story quickly drew me in.


I couldn’t help but be swept up into this quick-paced women’s fiction story of Calista, the Political Assistant – Election Year!  I was hooked as  soon as I began reading the story of the young college graduate, Calista “Cal.” As the story begins, Cal finds herself out of work and short on savings. She needs a job and a paycheck, and she needs them now!


Although Cal graduated with a journalism degree, she has no previous experience in politics. Cal honestly doesn’t have a clue what she is in for when she hurriedly accepts the position of political assistant to the local municipal councilor, Ralph Mastronzo. The starting date is immediate and Cal finds herself instantaneously at the beck of call of her new and exceptionally demanding boss.


Remarkably Cal, rises to the occasion as she propels all of her energy into keeping up with her new job and with Ralph’s  never-ending demands. Have you have ever wondered about what it would be like working on a local political campaign? The Political Assistant – Election Year is a thought-provoking example. Cal works hard to get her job done regardless of some of the excessive and unrelenting demands put upon her. Cal’s lack of free time has damaged her social life. Her personal relationships have suffered, and for all intents and purpose have disappeared.


Cal is a go-getter and completely dedicated to her job, so it seems aggravatingly unfair that she should also have to experience the unseemly side of politics. Unfortunately, Cal has to wrangle her way around wealthy and powerful men, who might be very much deserving of a thrashing for how the political assistant is treated.


This contemporary women’s fiction novel is a fast-paced, satisfying read and one I will remember. I highly recommend The Political Assistant – Election Year. This book is a great choice for a women’s book club selection and discussion group.  Also, there may be more books in The Political Assistant Book Series!


The Political Assistant – Corruption – Book Two

About the Author:

About The Author - Nancy O'Brien
About The Author – Nancy O’Brien











Nancy O’Brien was raised in small-town southern Ontario and ventured to Ottawa in her early twenties with dreams of making a difference in Canada’s capital. Throughout her career she has written about everything from local news to fishing to online dating. She also worked in municipal politics for over five years and volunteered in multiple elections. She is a proud millennial mother of three beautiful girls, who loves animals, working with the community and following her intuition. Nancy has also written Book 2 of this series entitled: The  Political Assistant – Corruption.

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