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Women’s Western Romance
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Women's Western Romance

Women’s Western Romance – The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley

Women’s Western Romance – The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley truly captivated me. Cayo and Darby may seem as different as night and day. And why wouldn’t they? Growing up from children to young adults their life experiences have been completely dissimilar.


However, were Cayo and Darby really that different? On the surface it may seem so yet,  at their cores they share the comparable experiences of abandonment, responsibility, loss, guilt, as well as captivity of one kind or another.



The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley brings to readers a captivating love story of two souls looking for a better life. It would not have been surprising to me if Cayo and Darby fell in love. Cayo is a rough and tough cowboy and a rugged ranch hand. However, while he has the capacity for love, his heart was shattered by the great loss of his parents and sisters.


Following the death of her mother, Darby toils from day to day, to take care of her father and her brothers. And she certainly has taken notice of the one of the town’s most ruggedly handsome cowboy, Cayo.


Now, Darby struggles with the promise she made at the side of her mother’s deathbed. In that moment in time, Darby had promised her dying mother she would further her education.


Now, what if Darby were to travel afar to further her education? There was at least one other girl in the small western town who was also quite sweet on Cayo. Darby knew if she left town she might very well lose Cayo. Will Darby leave town a move that might indeed cause her to lose him Cayo to another woman. Or rather, would Darby betray her promise to her mother and stay with Cayo in the here and now?

This is my first read of a novel written by Nina Romano. I love how expertly the author captures the ambiance of the mid-1800’s western town, thereby immersing readers into a place in time where cowboys were still cowboys and where Indians still roamed the plains.


Romano brings to her readers a superbly written story. The author skillfully transports  readers to an authentic place in time in American history.  And Romano accomplishes this feat with interesting, intricate and accurate details of the people, the land, and the times. And Romano does all this while embracing  the humanness of it all.


This beautifully poignant love story of Darby and Cayo pulled on my heartstrings. I am very much looking forward to reading more from this wonderful author.


Women’s Western Romance:

The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley is Book 1 in this women’s western romance series. As soon as Book 2 in the series is available I will post a review for it here on BookClubReporter.com


About The Author – Nina Romano:

Author Nina Romano

Nina Romano’s latest novel, The Girl Who Loved Cayo Bradley, a Western, Historical Romance with a great deal of Native American research in it, is a semi-finalist in the Spur Awards and released October 21, 2021 by Speaking Volumes, LLC.

Her Wayfarer Trilogy has been published by Turner Publishing. Book #1 of the Historical Saga: The Secret Language of Women was a Foreword Reviews Indie-Fab Book Award Finalist. The novel won the Independent Publisher 2016 IPPY Gold Medal in the Historical/Romance Book Awards. Book #2 of the series, Lemon Blossoms was a finalist ​in the Foreword INDIES Reviews Book #3, In America, was a finalist in the 2016 Chanticleer Media’s Chatelaine Book Awards for Romance.
Her historical thriller, Dark Eyes, set in Soviet Russia is due to be released in 2022 from Speaking Volumes, LLC.

Nina Romano earned a B.S. from Ithaca College an M. A. from Adelphi University and a B. A. and M.F.A. in Creative Writing from FIU. She’s a world traveler and lover of history. She lived in Rome, Italy, for twenty years, and is fluent in Italian and Spanish. She authored a short story collection, The Other Side of the Gates, five poetry collections, and two poetry chapbooks. Her most recent collection, Westward: Guided by Starfalls and Moonbows, was published from LLC Red Dashboard. She co-authored, Writing in a Changing World. Romano has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize.


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