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Steamy Romance Novel


Steamy Romance Novel – sweet sexy romance Crossroads is book three of the sweet and sensual romance book series, Love and Betrayals.  As in both Book 1 Beginning and Book 2 Betrayed a Scintillating Romance in this Love and Betrayals Book series, Jenny’s desire and craving for Ray’s love and attention continues to grow. Our sweet and studious Jenny is now even more ready and willing to learn how to satisfy Ray, the older and experienced businessman in her life. In this sweet but steamy romance, lover’s Jenny and Ray are not just taking their relationship up a notch. In fact, the once sheltered Jenny is eager for Ray to teach her more and more…


Steamy Romance Novel Series


In this third book of the Love and Betrayals series, Ray is more than happy to take his darling Jenny to new heights. Yes! Ray and Jenny are taking their relationship and their love-making above and beyond! One might even say: the color of their love-making now includes some arousing shades of grey…


In every relationship a little rain must fall. Even though Ray and Jenny have been in a committed relationship for a while, Jenny has yet to share this part of her life with her parents. Jenny is acutely aware of her father’s great expectations regarding her education. And while Jenny is twenty-one years of age, she still dreads her controlling father’s anger.

I had questions when I began reading Crossroads:

  • Will Jenny finally tell her parents about her relationship with Ray?
  • Will her father’s wrath destroy Jenny’s relationship with Ray?
  • Will Jenny and Ray share a happy ever after ending?

While reading this sweet, sensual and steamy love story, my questions were answered.

About the Author

Nora grew up in Eastern Europe but moved to North America in her late twenties. She loves chocolate, coffee and long walks with her amazing husband. When not reading or listening to music, she writes steamy romances with enough heat to make your heart melt. Her current series, “Love and Betrayals” has a soft European flavor and embraces both love and sensuality.

Publisher Book Description

Jenny and Ray’s committed relationship is at a crossroads. Where do they go from here? Jenny strives to be independent while completing her studies to become a doctor. She’s even considering being out on her own. Ray — the love of her life — wants her to move in with him, but they both know that living together will be detrimental to Jenny’s relationship with her family. Jenny’s father’s opinion matters deeply to her, but his controlling nature threatens her and Ray’s future. Independence, family, or the man she loves. How can Jenny choose? Should she ever have to?


*Note:   The main character in this book series is over of the age of majority – if  you’re reading this book, you should be too.

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